Congratulations Certified Reiki 2 Practitioners Class of 8/6/17!!!

Reiki 2 Practitioners, Nashville TN

Congratulations Reiki 2 Certified Practitioners!!

The following Reiki 2 Certified Practitioners have completed all of the necessary training, practice, and attunements to be Reiki Level 2 Certified.

Reiki 2 Certified Practitioners are certified to provide private sessions, heal family and friends, and perform distance healing.

Wayne G. Beasley
Amanuel Befecadu
Illyce Carlew-Paine
Heidi LaPoint
Melody Grace Neely
PJ Olsen
Thea Smith


Thank you to Reiki Master Teachers Becki Baumgartner, Joyce Dierschke, and Dan Craft for teaching the class.

Thank you Marc Smith, DVM and Natchez Trace Veterinary Services for letting us use your beautiful clinic!

Reiki is a healing modality that originated in Japan in the late 1800′s with Dr. Mikau Usui.

The word “Reiki” is of Japanese origin and refers to the Universal Life Force.

The name originates from the Japanese concepts of REI (spirit) and KI (life force, energy).

Reiki has also been described as the Japanese word for “universal energy” and within traditional Eastern healing focuses on the “KI” (also known as ”Qi”, “Chi”, or “Prana”) as a method of bringing the life force energy back into balance.

Everyday stress, environmental toxins, addictions, etc. negatively impact the flow of the life force energy.

Reiki  healing works to re-balance of the subtle energies, which in turn will increase feelings of well being, reduce stress,  and promotes good health.

In essence, Reiki is a method of harnessing the Universal Life Force that exists in the world around us and all living creatures, and using this energy to heal ourselves and others.

Reiki restores harmony to negatively impacted areas of the body by flowing through these areas in the energy field and charging them with positive energy to restore harmony.

We are all born with a natural ability to heal, and Reiki is a wonderful method of learning to utilize one’s natural healing ability.


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